sliding UPVC patio doors

Modern, Energy Efficient UPVC Patio Doors

A new upvc patio door leading to a patio can add an extra living space to any home and have a major function as well as providing a different environment to the rest of the house.

patio area from outside the homeTreat it as an outdoor entertainment area where family can gather and relax, hold dinners during the warm summer evenings, or have friends over for a barbecue lunch.

There really should be no rules as to what you are going to do with a patio, if it’s there, you are sure to think of new ideas for it.

The key to having a functional patio is installing a great upvc patio door that opens the house into the garden; there are many options available each one fulfilling a functional or aesthetic purpose.

Prioritize its ability to provide you with an easy to use access to and from the patio, as well as ensuring it’s strong enough to protect against break-ins and intruders.

Why not work around whatever type of patio door works for your house style, whether it’s French patio doors or sliding doors? Challenge yourself to decorate your doors.

Here are some tips:

Choice of UPVC Patio Door Colours: match or contrast your home or garden area.

  • Select your window coverings well. Since patio doors permit light into the house, they require coverings that can help regulate the inflow of light inside. This will greatly affect the temperature inside the house, so choose not only what suits the overall look of the house, but also that helps regulate heat well.
  • Use a cornice. This is a three-sided box attached to the wall which provides a more attractive header from which window coverings can be hung. There are a lot of ‘do it yourself’ cornice units that can be bought from hardware stores, then add your own personal touch by adding a layer of fabric over the wood. Go for a type of wood that suits your patio doors well so that you will not need to paint or place any other detail on it.
  • Window film. To further improve the insulation properties of your patio doors, opt for frosted window films that filter light during the day and provide ample privacy during the night. Films are extremely easy to handle; you can even install them on your own. Simply cut the film according to the dimensions of the patio doors on your house. You may even incorporate some design or pattern when cutting them, for better aesthetic appeal.
  • Drapes. Drapes instantly turn any door into something more dramatic. Emphasize it by having drapes installed from the ceiling down to the floor, this will not only create the illusion of height, but also make your home look more regal and grand.

Now that we have the doors and door furniture covered, we can focus on the patio itself. You may have a great door, but it’s no good if your patio is uninviting. Here are some patio decorating ideas you can adopt for your home:

  • Add a fountain as a feature. Water is a relaxing element, especially if it is flowing continuously. A fountain placed on a shaded area will give a more relaxed vibe. Choose one that suites the size of your patio – not too big and not too small.
  • Hang plants around to achieve a soothing overall look. Since a patio is an outdoor living area, make sure that everybody who spends time in it will really feel that they are in the great outdoors.

Make it a point to place chairs that can accommodate at least your family, and more if you can then you can invite guests over to chill or for parties and special occasions. Have the chairs face the scenic parts of the garden if you have any such as a water fountain or mountains or trees.

Look online for patio outdoor furniture and quality doors and windows to improve the living experience in your home.