French Patio Doors For your Home

Purchasing a French Patio Door – Top 5 reasons to fit new patio doors to your home

Now that you know what to look for in a UPVC door, it is important keep in mind a few things when buying, like what a good price would be.
Unlike other types of doors such as wood or metal.

UPVC is commonly available at most of your local merchandisers. Also, when compared to the others, it is a much cheaper alternative. All you need to know how much you should pay for what.

UPVC French Patio doors can come in a variety of different sizes.

From widths of 1700mm all the way up to 4000mm. The height of the doors generally stays the same; at about 2400mm. UPVC doors also can have a different number of panes, from a standard 2 pane door to a very large 4 pane door.

French Patio Doors on a Victorian Conservatory
French Patio Doors on a Victorian Conservatory

The price of the door depends on what combination of size and panes you have. A good priced 2 pane door that is 1700 x 2000mm wide is about £525 (for a plain colour) up to £1000 (for wood grain).

For a larger 4 pane door, say for example one that is 3800 x 4000mm, a good price for a plain UPVC would be around £975.

For one with a wood grain finish, a price of £1295 would be more suitable. All in all though, you’d be best off getting a few quotes from several different retailers and compare them for the best deal.

That’s why we recommend you get competitive quotes as soon as possible!

When comparing your different UPVC door options, you should look out for a dealer who offers a guarantee. If the company you choose really offers good quality products, then they should not hesitate to offer a guarantee as part of the deal. If they refuse, then you should assume that their products maybe aren’t as reliable as other companies, and just look elsewhere. Something like a 10 year warranty is normal for door sales.

Also, when buying a UPVC door, you should make sure that the UPVC is not made from recycled material. Doing this will ensure the color does not fade as time progresses, and it also means that your door will be more durable in the future. Even if the company does not state that their doors are made of recycled material, you should still make sure to ask.

When buying a door, there are some additions that you can purchase that will make your door more worthwhile. For example, a popular extra that is bought with most UPVC doors is steel reinforcement. This gives the owner extra tight security at only a small cost. You can also get toughened glass, which is another great way to make your door more secure.

An option to double or triple glaze your window is also available. Glazing your window means extra effective sound and heat insulation.
In conclusion, there are many things to remember when going out and buying your UPVC door. Doors vary greatly in price depending on the size and panes, and it is best to get some quotes before making a purchase. Also, you should make sure you get a guarantee, and that your door is not made of recycled materials.

Finally, to make your door more secure you can purchase steel reinforcement and toughened glass, and you can also glaze windows to increase insulation.

If you keep all these things in mind when buying a door, your purchase should be the right one if you check out this Cost Guide for Patio & French Doors