Orangery Design

Different types of Timbers for Orangery Conservatories

The very latest Orangery manufacturing methods are now being used by many independent ‘smaller’ conservatory companies, meaning that they are now able to deliver some truly amazing designs in wood without the expense that you may have associated with that type of extension.

Although many wooden conservatories are constructed from hardwoods such as oak, but a good alternative is Idigbo, a West African hardwood that is sustainable and easy to work with and is used quite frequently with no problems in many situations.

Another alternative to hardwood is to use engineered wood, which is a composite made of waste wood or offcuts which, for want of a better description, are ground up together and then bonded with adhesives. The result is 2 types of engineered wood called oriented strand board (OSB) and laminated strand lumber (LSL) with OSB being a type of board or panel and LSL is similar to structural timbers (‘two x fours’ etc.)

Whichever you decide, all woods use in modern construction would be ‘sustainable’ and so whether you opt for a hardwood or an engineered wood conservatory you will still be environmentally friendly.

Insulating a Solid Walled Orangery

Brick pillared orangerySolid walls can lose sometimes twice as much heat than insulated cavity walls, but by using modern insulation systems, this can be drastically reduced.

Solid wall insulation can be installed either to the outside or to the inside of your orangery, each one having its own particular benefits.

Internal solid wall insulation can be lower in cost than external solid wall insulation, but it will slightly reduce the floor area of the room.

External solid wall insulation for an orangery can be done without disturbing the occupants and will refresh and improve the appearance of your home.

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